R. Garland

I took my daughter and her children for a kayaking experience on July 4th and signed up 2 single kayaks and a paddle board with Mark who was in charge on July 4, 2009. Mark gave excellent instruction to my grandchildren and to my daughter and everyone had the time of their lives. Although we ran over our hour by a few minutes, Mark kindly charged us only for the first hour. This was at a time when some people would have milked the customer for every last dime because it was one of the busiest days of the year. As a result of his kindness, we purchased two shirts. My daughter's size was apparently unavailable but Kevin showed up, did some more searching and came up with a perfect shirt with a perfect fit. All of this is to say that anyone looking for superior customer service will find it with the kind and competent people at Tahoe Adventure Company. We will definitely be repeat customers in the future.