February is for Lovers! - Feb 10, 2020

Valentine's Day ~ Friday, Feb. 14th
Go on a Guided Snowshoe Adventure with us this Friday and celebrate a day of love in the mountains! Explore the Sierras by day, enjoy an alpine picnic, and learn fun facts from our knowledgeable guides. You can also trek while the sun sets the sky ablaze on a Sunset Snowshoe Adventure. Cozy up with warm bevy's and a loved one and see what winter in Tahoe is all about!

President's Day Weekend ~ Saturday, Feb. 15 - Monday, Feb. 17
Skiing in Tahoe on your holiday weekend? Snowshoeing is the perfect activity for your rest day or a dual day! It is also a lovely way to bring the whole family together if skiing isn't on everyone's mind. Snowshoeing is low impact, human powered, and a wonderful way to explore Tahoe's backcountry.

Ski Skate Week ~ Monday, Feb 17th - Friday, Feb 21st
It's that time of year to take the kids on a winter vacation. Pack the car, round up the kids and explore Tahoe! Our Guided Snowshoe Adventures are an amazing way to turn your clocks to Tahoe Time and get the family together. Unplug from technology and leave the screens behind, this is the week to have fun and get back to nature!

Upcoming Snowshoe Star Tour ~ Monday, Feb 24th
Monday, Feb. 24th is our next Snowshoe Star Tour with Tony Berendsen! After a relaxing Sunset Adventure, your guide will lead you to a viewing point where Tony will have his Celestron telescopes ready for viewing. Gather 'round with hot drinks and cookies as Tony takes to you on a journey with his amazing presentation on the cosmos. This is truly a unique experience and is great for all ages (8+) and ability levels.
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Make the Most of MLK Weekend in Tahoe - Jan 13, 2020

Next weekend is MLK Weekend (Jan. 18-20) and many are planning to visit Lake Tahoe for some winter fun. Snowfall this week will hit the refresh button around here and we couldn't be more excited. Two systems are expected to hit during mid-week and will hopefully give us significant snow accumulation around the lake and surrounding mountains-- just in time for the holiday weekend!

Visiting Tahoe next weekend? Here are 3 tips to make the most of your MLK weekend:

1. Plan a Snowshoe Adventure

Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to explore Tahoe's alpine wilderness. Whether you need a rest day from skiing or you are completely new to winter activities, it is great for all ages and ability levels. Snowshoeing is also low impact, human-powered, and will lead you to places that can only be accessed by foot.

Snowshoe Star Tour with Tony Berendsen - Monday, January 20th, 2020

Tahoe Adventure Company is hosting one of our very special Snowshoe Star Tours with Tony Berendsen on MLK Day. Enjoy a guided Sunset Snowshoe Tour and learn about Tahoe's natural and human history. Guides will lead you to a viewing point where Tony will open your mind to the unknown world above you. His large aperture telescopes will take you into the mysterious world that blankets the Sierra Nevada. Cap it all off with hot drinks and snacks and enjoy a stellar winter adventure!

Cost: $85 per person
Tour Time: 4:30-8:30pm
Location: North Lake Tahoe (Locations based on snow levels and conditions)
Tour Includes: Snowshoes, trekking poles, knowledgeable guides, permit fees, Sunset Snowshoe Trek followed by Star Tour with Tony Berendsen, permit fees, hot drinks, and snacks.
Book Online Here!

2. Always Remember Après!

No matter what activity you do by day, make sure to enjoy the evening after! If you are staying in North Lake Tahoe or Truckee, try these local favorites:

Alibi Ale Works Public House, Incline Village - One of the best breweries around!
Fat Cat Bar and Grill, Tahoe City - Good music, good vibes, good food.
Old Town Tap, Truckee - Choose from a wide variety of cocktails, craft brews, and on-tap wine.
Best Pies - Truckee - Every pizza lover's dream.

3. Travel Smart

While we are all excited for the upcoming storms this week, this will mean potential road delays for those traveling around the lake and surrounding areas. Start the vacation off right by planning your travel days wisely and being prepared for unexpected delays. Weather is expected to subside on Friday, but significant snow or ice may impact travel when many people are trying to enter the basin. Check out these Winter Travel Tips to see if you are ready for the road!

Travel Tip: The biggest recommendation I always have for travelers is booking their adventures in advance. This provides a seamless vacation experience in the end and will save you from scrambling when you have arrived. Even with three days in advance, you will have a better array of choices and options for tours and activities. Book while space is available and be the king of your own itinerary!

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New Year, New Human-Powered Adventures! - Jan 2, 2020

A new decade is upon us! New goals are being set, resolutions have begun, and it's time to press the reset button on life. Many of us take this time of year to reflect and redirect our lives and aspirations. If you strive to spend more time outside in 2020, human-powered adventures are the perfect way to get you there. Here are three reasons human-powered adventures should be part of your 2020 resolutions.

1. Sustainable Adventures Preserve Our Wild Spaces

The best perk of human-powered adventures is the sustainability that comes with it. Leave behind the gas powered toys and experience nature in its purest form. By using your own two feet, you are preserving the wilderness areas that are so special to us. Sports like kayaking, hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing produce less emissions and are less disruptive to the surrounding wildlife. You will also find yourself in unique areas that are only accessible by foot. It is important that we keep wilderness areas pristine for future generations to enjoy!

2. Stress Relief is Easily Found Through Outdoor Exploration

"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity." -- John Muir

This quote continues to ring true over 100 years later. Humans have always found comfort in nature, no matter how far we drift into a tech driven society. Time spent in nature reduces stress and allows us to unplug from the demands of life. It was recently proven that at least 20 minutes in nature significantly reduces cortisol levels. We constantly find ourselves tied to work, screens, and demanding schedules. Planning a human-powered adventure will help carve out a healthy dose of nature time. Leave your phone and social media behind and let nature do the rest!

3. Human-Powered Activities Strengthen Your Connection to Nature

When you take in the fresh air, feel the sun on your face, and look out into the wild, it's hard not to feel more connected to nature. Human-powered adventures allow you to immerse yourself in the present moment and take in the wilderness that surrounds you. When you take the trail one step at a time it's easy to see all the small complexities that make nature so beautiful. Whether you are gently floating on a kayak or backpacking through miles of wilderness, take a moment to stop and appreciate your special connection with nature!

Ready to Get Outside? Let Us Guide You!

In the summer of 2004, Kevin Hickey, the owner and director of Tahoe Adventure Company, guided his first guests over the clear waters and boulder fields of Sand Harbor State Park, describing the rich natural and human history of the area. Sixteen years later, we are still promoting the idea that the best adventures are indeed human-powered. Join us as we kayak Lake Tahoe, hike the surrounding mountains and explore Tahoe in a way few will ever experience!
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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts - Dec 21, 2019

We are down to the last four days before Christmas. If you are still shopping for an adventure seeker and find yourself stumped, take a look at these awesome gift ideas.

1. Thermos
A thermos is a great touch to any outdoor adventure. Everyone loves a refreshing drink in the summer, or hot tea in the winter. It's useful year round and is easy to find at your local sport shop. Make sure to find one with quality insulation and a secure top like the Yeti Rambler Series so it can be thrown in a pack easily.

2. Gore-Tex
Whether it's a pack, jacket, pants, or gloves -- Gore-Tex outerwear is one of the most useful things one can own for outdoor adventures. Having a quality waterproof layer will get you far in cold, wet weather. Smaller Gore-Tex items like this Outdoor Research Prismatic Cap won't break the bank and make for a high quality, long lasting gift.

3. Wool Socks
This sounds like something your mom would buy you for Christmas, but she had it right all along! A nice pair or wool socks is one of the most timeless gifts out there. It only takes one experience with wet cotton to make you truly appreciate this gift. It's also another thing that can be found in sports shops, shoe stores, and even Costco!

4. Travel Sized Multi Tool
Every outdoor enthusiast should have a handy multi tool for when they get in a pinch. A multi tool can help you in the backcountry if gear fails and you need a quick fix. Some have knives, files, screwdrivers, you name it. If you have Amazon Prime and ordered today, one of these would still arrive before Christmas!

5. The Gift of Adventure!
Finally, if you are buying for the one who has it all, give the Gift of Adventure! Tahoe Adventure Company Gift Certificates are perfect for the active people in your life and can be purchased for any amount. Choose from a variety great options, including Kayak Tours on Lake Tahoe, Mountain Biking Adventures, Guided Hiking Adventures or Kayak Rentals. Buy online and we can send your gift certificate hassle free by email before Christmas!
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Upcoming Full Moon Snowshoe Tour - Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 - Dec 7, 2019

This Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 Tahoe Adventure Company is hosting one of our very special Full Moon Snowshoe Tours. As the moon rises and illuminates the forest around us, our knowledgeable guides will lead you through snow-covered terrain and share interesting facts along the way. See what makes this place so magnificent, then cap it all off with hot drinks and snacks!

Future Forecast

Right now we are seeing perfect weather for our tour on Wednesday. As the current storm system clears out, it will give way to a few days of mostly clear skies and low wind. If this trend holds, we will have great conditions for moon gazing and nighttime trekking.

Snow levels around the lake are still low with early season conditions. Higher elevations are seeing a significant snow pack starting to accumulate. After multiple feet over the Thanksgiving weekend, followed by another system of heavy snow, we are starting to really see the winter landscape take hold here.

Full Cold Moon Facts

This month's full moon is known as the Full Cold Moon. It's appropriately named because it signals the winter season coming into full effect. Cold temperatures take hold and nights become long and dark. It is also considered the Long Nights Moon by some Native Americans because it occurs near the winter solstice (the day with the least amount of daylight). Get ready to bundle up and embrace winter!

More Info on Full Moon Snowshoe Tours

Next Tour: Wednesday, December 11th, 2019
Tour Time: 4:00pm-7:00pm
Trip Includes: Snowshoes, trekking poles, hot drinks, trail snacks, knowledgeable guides, natural history discussions, and permit fees.
Distance and Time: 3 hours, 2-3 miles
Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Location: Trailhead is based on current snow pack and conditions. Typically held at Castle Peak in Truckee, or North Lake Tahoe.
Cost: $70.00 per person. Reservations are required in advance.
Book Here!
See our suggested Clothing List. If you do not have proper shoes, rentals are available through local ski shops.

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Five Winter Travel Tips for Lake Tahoe - Nov 30, 2019

Lake Tahoe is surrounded by majestic, snow covered mountains and world renowned ski resorts. Convenient lodging exists from Truckee all the way to South Lake Tahoe with highways linking the mountainous area together. It's a winter wonderland for those who visit, so it's no wonder Lake Tahoe sees nearly 300,000 visitors on peak days.

While the Lake Tahoe region serves as the ultimate winter vacation destination for people all over the world, winter weather is a common occurrence here that should not be ignored. Slick roads, heavy traffic, and road closures can put a dent in your vacation itinerary. As we all know, traveling during the holidays can be hectic, especially if you face an additional drive after you've just finished a long flight. So ease some holiday headaches with these simple tips and start your vacation as soon as you leave the house.

It Starts at the Airport

If you are traveling from other parts of the country, there are airport options close to Lake Tahoe-- RNO and SFO. Reno is just a short drive from the east. In 45 minutes you can be at the lake. The Bay Area lies to the west, offering more flights and still only a four hour drive. Ultimately, getting within driving distance is easy, but stress can pop up before you even land.

#1 Reserve Your Airport Parking in Advance
Start off on the right foot first thing at the airport. Parking and leaving your car at the airport can be stressful and expensive if you find yourself scrambling last minute. You already have to face the gauntlet to make it to your cozy vacation cabin, give yourself the upper hand when possible!

ParkFellows is a great site that allows you to search and compare reliable parking facilities. You can reserve your spot in advance, see photos of the lot, and check their security measures. They offer services at various major airports and make it easy to find the cheapest price through their easy online booking site. For those visiting from major cities, this is a simple hack that will save you time and money and start your vacation off right!

#2 Have Winter Items in Your Carry On
You don't want to find yourself buying new winter gear in the event your luggage gets lost. Chances are you will have to hop into a rental car when landed, so you also want to be travel ready for the road after your flight.

• The easiest way to pack heavy duty boots? On your feet!
• Find a nice pair of gloves that are not bulky, but made of high quality material and waterproof.
• A warm head helps keep a warm body. Look for something slim, practical, and tactical.
• Have long underwear on hand. I always love the classic brand, Hot Chillys. They are lightweight, slim, and can fit under almost anything. The material is super warm and will make the difference if you have to go outside and put chains on.

Now It's Time to Hit the Road

Alright, you've made it here. Now what? Hopefully you are able to get a four wheel drive rental car, because chances are you will use it! Lake Tahoe receives significant snow, even at lake level, so it goes without saying there are some winter driving tips you will want to abide by.

#3 Have a Winter Car Emergency Kit
First thing you will want to do when you arrive is outfit your vehicle with some emergency items. If you nailed the carry on set up, you are already wearing boots and have gloves and layers handy. Whether you are coming from Reno or the Bay, there will be various places that are stocked with these next emergency items. While the link above has an extensive list you can refer to, here are a couple must haves.

• Chains
• Emergency blanket, gloves, hats
• Full Tank of Gas
• Flashlight with batteries
• Jumper Cables
• Bottled Water

#4 Stay in the Know
Knowing when to hit the road and when to stay in is an art. The best way to insure you aren't stuck out in the cold is to stay on top of weather and road conditions. Skiing until last chair isn't worth it if you face black ice and heavy traffic right after. Being aware of when a storm is going to hit could save you hours stuck on the road and help you avoid dangerous driving situations.

• Track the weather and make sure to check multiple times throughout your stay. Weather can change abruptly in the mountains.
• Check road conditions on the CalTrans website. You will be able to tell if roads are closed or if chains are required.
• Check out webcams on the Caltrans CCTV Map to see real time traffic conditions near your destination

#5 Don't Rely on Data
Do yourself a favor and have some old school tricks up your sleeve. During peak season, cell service can jam up around the lake, causing slow data connections and deadzones. A paper travel guide and paper maps can save you trouble when technology lets you down in the mountains. Also remember to have important destination or contact information on paper in case your phone dies.

As the holiday season kicks off, we are all excited for winter fun and family time. Hopefully these tips will help you prepare for your next epic winter adventure and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. The best trips are made possible by planning ahead, packing smart, driving safe, and having fun!

photo credit: Tucker Ballister

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Tips to Avoiding Altitude Sickness - Mar 23, 2016

While we are still enjoying all the pleasures that come with winter, minus the shoveling, we can’t help but daydream about the upcoming summer months. Great winters bring amazing summers here in the Sierra’s. But, before we dust off those kayaks and tune our bikes, we wanted to share some tips in prepping for your high-altitude summer vacation.

Studies have shown that twenty-percent of visitors visiting altitude above 5,500 ft. will experience some form of altitude sickness. Although mostly mild symptoms, nobody wants to miss out on the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Give Yourself Time to Acclimate
Although some are able to hit the trails upon arrival, we recommend visitors to allow their bodies to acclimate to the high altitude before activities. If you’re not used to the altitude, take your time, enjoy some of our local restaurants and shops before joining us out on the late or on the trail.

Stay Hydrated
This is one of our top priorities when taking guests out on tours. This tip should be applied for your entire vacation and especially before, during, and after any physical activity. Also remember that coffee and alcoholic drinks can affect people differently at higher altitudes. So when enjoying a cold one with dinner, remember to follow up with plenty of water before heading off to bed.

Indulge Yourself
Next to staying hydrated, eating right is always important. As much as some try to ignore it, complex carbohydrates are exactly what your body needs. Apologies to Dr. Atkins, but when taking up high altitude activities, your body is begging for some complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and veggies. These types of foods help your body to use oxygen more efficiently and maintain energy levels, both important for preventing altitude sickness.

Knowing your body, allowing yourself to rest, and consuming the right foods and drinks are great suggestions to preventing altitude sickness. Headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea/vomiting, fatigue or loss of energy are all symptoms.

With this said, it’s important to know that altitude sickness can strike even the healthiest of athletes. Although often very mild, don’t ignore the symptoms and seek medical attention if symptoms worsen.
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Spring Break in Lake Tahoe - Mar 16, 2016

While spring breakers flock to the beaches, visiting Lake Tahoe can be a great alternative for all demographics. Although the area has been a spring break destination for year, this time of year attracts milder crowd sizes while still boasting a multitude of activities.

After years of consecutive drought conditions, the Sierra’s have been blanketed with snow. All good news here, but perhaps best of all is the spring skiing that is quickly upon us. Some mountain enthusiasts live for powder days while others are eager for a warm, sunny, spring ski. To each his own, but their is no denying that an itinerary of spring skiing will provide a memorable break.

If not planning to take on the slopes, Tahoe delivers breathtaking view that must be devoured at any time of the year. Did we mention deck dining at local restaurants opening up? Indulging in some of the areas diverse restaurants often come with a memorable, and sometime distracting view. Some of our favorite restaurants include Gar Woods, Sunnyside and Jakes on the Lake. After fueling up, stroll through the shops of downtown Tahoe City, take in a crafting class at Truckee’s Atelier or ride the tram up to Squaw Valley’s high camp for some ice-skating.

For those looking for a little more pep in their spring break, a quick hop over the state line into Nevada will give nightlife goers a taste of the casino life and possibly win big while on vacation.

And finally, not to forget about our own offerings, Tahoe Adventure Company proudly provides outdoor activities for all seasons. Early spring activities can include scenic snowshoeing with high-altitude views. As things warm up in late spring, join us on dryer ground with fully guided hiking or biking in areas where the snow has receded.

Give us a call at (530)913-9212 to help plan you next spring break full of adventure.
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Experience Tahoe in Fall with a Multi-sport Adventure - Oct 28, 2015

Looking to see Tahoe from different angles while the fall foliage is in full swing? The Tahoe area offers many opportunities for boundless adventures, and fall might just be the best season to experience it all.

With fewer crowds in this quiet time of year,our expertly curated offerings of multi-sport activities and tours are guaranteed to take the guesswork out of your experience. Select from one of our many package trips, or even create your own custom event by choosing from the activities that most appeal to you. When booking, just let us know your activity level and views you were hoping to see with in Tahoe.

As we are excited to show you Tahoe decorated with all the beautiful fall foliage, let us know how we can help your outdoor adventure cravings. Please call for more information on possible itineraries and pricing; 530-913-9212.

Get Serious About Getting Outside - Oct 6, 2015

Why? The science is irrefutable: those who spend time outdoors are happier and healthier. Here are some of the highlights:

-Being outside can increase your quality of sleep, as natural sunlight helps to guide the body’s internal clock.
-Get your vitamins: Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, which has been shown to help prevent cancer, hormonal problems, obesity, and inflammation. It also strengthens the immune system. With proper SPF protection and reasonable exposure we can safely enjoy some sunshine. Plus, natural light has been proven to lift your mood—who can argue with that?
-Being outdoors invites activity: With more ways to put your body in motion, and less access to the couch and television, outside time is exercise time.
-Even as little as five minutes of time outdoors will benefit your mental health, according to the American Chemical Society's journal Environmental Science & Technology, whether you are sitting on a park bench or taking on a strenuous hike.


Fall Kayaking on Lake Tahoe - Sep 24, 2015

Fall is upon us, but that doesn't mean that your water adventures have to come to an end.

The crowds have dispersed and Tahoe becomes a bit more quiet all around and with less boat traffic, it's almost like having the lake to yourself. Prepare to bundle up and the adventure of fall kayaking on Lake Tahoe can be quite rewarding.

Join a 2-4 day lodge to lodge kayak getaway along the West, North and East shores of Lake Tahoe. Paddle through the glassy, clear waters with early morning guided paddles spotting local wildlife and learning the unique natural and human history of this special region. By afternoon, arrive at your lakefront hotel for a hot shower, warm meal, and pure relaxation. In the afternoon you can choose to benefit from a massage, a walk along the beach, skipping stones, or simply relaxing by the pool or on the water's edge.

This excursion is geared for beginner to intermediate kayakers. On the first morning, your guide will provide comprehensive instruction on your gear, paddling technique, and self rescues. Each day is comfortably planned with approximately 7-10 miles of kayaking. Paddles will start early for idyllic weather, best wildlife viewing, mountain serenity and plenty of time to reach our destination.

For more details and the day to day itinerary, contact us now at 530.913.9212.

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Experience the Essence of Fall on a Hike Through the Aspens - Sep 2, 2015

Fall is a extraordinary time in Tahoe, when the aspens burst with color and offer a magnificent sight to behold. The crisp Fall mornings turn to inviting warm afternoons and the best part is, the Summer crowds have dispersed, leaving behind quiet hiking trails.

Explore some of Tahoe's best hiking trails as the season changes with Tahoe Adventure Company's Fall Foliage Guided Hike. Learn about the local geology, native Washoe culture and discover the finer points of sub-alpine ecology and other unique conditions of the Tahoe Basin, all while taking in the array of Fall hues contrasted by the towering evergreens.

Fall Foliage Hike dates are September 19th and 26th and will cost $65 per person. Hike includes knowledgeable guides, natural and human history discussions, deli lunch, water and snacks. Reservations are required.. For more information or to reserve your hike, visit or call 530-913-9212.

A Schedule Packed With Adventure - Aug 6, 2015

Looking for a full day (or more)of adventure in the Tahoe area? In a place that offers so many opportunities for a great adventure, it can be hard to know where to begin planning and how to make the tough decision of what exactly to do with your time in Tahoe.

That's why our team of adventure experts created a wide selection of multi-sport activities and tours that are guaranteed to take the guesswork out of your planning. You can select from one of our many package trips, or even create your own custom event by choosing from the activities that most appeal to you.

Often times we hear from groups that have individuals in their group who haven't ridden a bike before and some who are season mountain bikers. No need to fret, we can help! Whether it's dividing the group by ability levels or creating a custom tour that accommodates all abilities, we are here to help sort it out with you.

You simply pick the activities and our team will take care of the rest. Tahoe Adventure Company will arrange all the details of your Customized Multisport Adventure Trip. Combine multiple activities in a single day or over 2, 3, 4 or more days. Choose from Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Hiking, Mountain Biking and even Sailing! Please call 530-913-9212 for more information on possible itineraries and pricing.
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Discovering Historical Tahoe - Jul 11, 2015

The Lake Tahoe Basin is just as rich in American cultural history, as it is in it's beautiful sights and tourist attractions. Known as one of our nation's most spectacular areas and home to the second deepest alpine lake in the nation, there is much knowledge to gain about the mountainous region.

Where did Tahoe get its name?
The Washoe tribe began inhabiting Tahoe as far back as 10,000 years ago. The name "Tahoe" comes from the Washoe word "Da ow a ga" meaning "edge of the lake."

The origin of the name is just one of the abundant facts to learn about Tahoe and surrounding areas. The story is too complex to condense into one article and we are fortunate to have organizations such as the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society to relay the information for modern day visitors and locals. Their mission is to preserve, present and interpret Lake Tahoe history.

The NLTHS hosts three museums located in Tahoe City, as well as an annual speaker series and many events throughout the Summer. Organizations such as the NLTHS allow us to deepen our knowledge of this spectacular area.

Winter Sports History
When you consider the cultural and geological history of the area, one must consider the impact winter sports has had on Tahoe's footprint in American sports history. Recreational skiing in the Sierra mountain range dates back to the 1930's.

The Lake Tahoe Ski Club hosted the 1931 Winter Olympic Tryouts at Olympic Hill, which we now call Granlibakken. Sugar Bowl Resort built the first ski lift in California. Fast-forward to the 1960's when Tahoe gained international recognition by hosting the Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley. The games were the first ever televised in Olympic history and the exposure had quite an impact on Tahoe tourism. This placed Tahoe on the map for adventure sports and Olympic athletes were born in Tahoe.

Want to learn more about Historical Tahoe?
This blog just barely begins to scratch the surface of the many layers of Tahoe history and traditions to be discovered. That's why each and every tour offered at Tahoe Adventure Company includes natural and human history facts and discussion.

Tahoe Adventure Company offers several options for enjoying Lake Tahoe's most historical sites, all while learning about the fascinating natural and human history of the area. All historical tours include, transportation, our awesome and knowledgeable guides, natural and human history discussions, bottled water and snacks. BBQ and Wine & Cheese options are available upon request.
Call to book today: 530-913-9212. Reservations are required.
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Hiking Season: Getting Back On Your Feet - Jun 26, 2015

It's that time of year again. The season of packing it in and packing it out, mapping out your destination or just seeing where the trail takes you. Hiking season is upon us and with it comes to mind a few tips and tricks for getting you back on your feet and out on the trails.

Gearing Up
Did you put a lot of miles on those hiking shoes/boots last season? If you think it may be time to toss out your old hiking boots, check out these tips from REI on when to replace your shoes. To avoid those pesky blisters, be sure to break your new boots in by wearing them on short walks, before setting out on a hike.

Gear we love to see in that pack: water bladder/water bottle,first aid kit, map/GPS, pocket knife, waterproof matches or lighter, wet wipes, headlamp/flashlight, portable charger, sunscreen, gloves, hat, extra layers of non-cotton clothing and energizing snacks such as energy bars or trail mix.

For those handy items that don't take up space or weigh you down, consider adding these to your pack:

Pakems - Function and form come together in this lightweight, packable shoe., simply fold the boot down and pack them along to slip on after your hike. Whether you're getting in your car after a hike or setting up camp, these boots are ready to slip on post-hike so you can relax those hard-working feet.

Sea to Summit Dry Bags - Because you never know if a rain storm will pop up or when you may have to cross water, dry bags keep your electronics and other useless-when-wet items dry and accessible.

The Kilimanjaro Ascend is a compact, keychain multi-tool packed with everything from pliers to a nail file.

The LuminAID is a handy portable light that's waterproof and can float. It charges in the sunlight, so you don't have to worry about the batteries running out. They pack much benefit, they won't pack much weight along, the lights only weigh about 3-4 ounces depending on the size you choose. The best part, if you buy a light, the company will give a light to the Nepal Earthquake Relief.

The Hummingbird Hammock is a lightweight and small packing hammock, weighing in nearly 30% lighter than its competitors. Combined with the Ultralight Tree Straps, the hammock and straps weigh in at only 7.3 ounces. This hammock is durable and can be very reliable for those times when you need a rest by that serene lake.

Not familiar with the local trails or hiking in general? Let one of our knowledgeable guides introduce you to hiking and the local Tahoe trails. You can book right here, online or over the phone by calling 530-913-9212. Reservations required.
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Twelve Years Strong in the Human-Powered Sports Movement - Apr 8, 2015

Lake Tahoe is lush with natural views spanning from the shorelines to the mountaintops. With great beauty comes great responsibility however. Opting for human-powered activities generates minimal impacts on the ecosystem while offering a way to enjoy the endless views. Tahoe Adventure Company is proud to present human-powered adventures as we head into our twelfth season.

Built around a "leave no trace" mindset, Tahoe Adventure Company guides are trained to permit high quality adventures and tours with a focus on experiencing the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, trails, and brilliant waters of Lake Tahoe. By opting to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe through human-powered sports, you are helping preserve the natural and iconic scenery of the area.

Tour with Tahoe Adventure Company under the summer sun with hiking, biking, kayaking and paddleboarding adventures. In winter, enjoy a range of snowshoeing tours from daytime trips through the Sierra's, to evening Full Moon and Astronomy Snowshoe Tours.

For more information visit or call 530-913-9212. Reservations required.
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Benefits of Snowshoeing - Feb 13, 2015

There's no fun like snow fun in Lake Tahoe. Now that the snow has fallen, our fully guided Snowshoe Tours are in full swing.

Of course we love snowshoeing in the Sierra's because of its breathtaking views, but snowshoeing is also great for getting out and getting active. Snowshoeing is an easy and fun activity that gets you outside, moving, and warm.

For health and fitness benefits, snowshoeing is great for adventurers of all ages and athletic abilities. In fact, you can burn more calories snowshoeing than you can walking, running or cross country skiing. According to studies by Ball State University and University of Vermont, you can burn between 420-1000 calories per hour snowshoeing. These numbers are based on the pace, terrain and depth of snow.

Saying goodbye to "leg day" at the gym, snowshoeing requires you to lift your legs higher when walking making is a great muscle building activity. Beyond the muscle toning tips, snowshoeing is a low impact sport that is easy on your knees
Not to discourage those looking for a leisurely snowshoe, we like to always say, 'if you can walk, you can snowshoe.' Possibly the greatest advantage to snowshoeing being that those of all ages can enjoy, why not bring out the entire family for a trek through the snowy woods.

Join us on one of our tours through winter ranging from day trips to sunset, full moon and our very special astronomy star tours.
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5 Activities When Visiting Lake Tahoe During the "Shoulder-Season" - Nov 18, 2014

Some call autumn in Lake Tahoe the "shoulder-season," but others refer to it as the "secret season." The crispness in the air breathes new life into the corridors of Lake Tahoe welcoming in bright fall colors and the eagerness for snowfall. With fewer crowds on the trails, around town, and on the road, fall in Lake Tahoe is ideal for taking in the picturesque sights before the ski season slides in. Here are just a few things to take advantage of during the in-between season when visiting Lake Tahoe.

1. Take a Hike or Bike Ride

No matter where you are staying, chances are, a hiking or biking trail is never too far. The diversity in trails offers something for every activity level and all family members. A Mountain Bike ride through the North Tahoe Single Track is great for the adventurists while the Truckee River Bike Path delivers a calm ride on a paved path with rich river views. Hikers can also take in the nearly 360degree views at the top of Martis Peak Lookout, or enter a sense of seclusion hiking into the serene meadows of Spooner Lake.

2. Shopping and Dining

For those looking for a casual stroll through the local shops and eateries, Tahoe boasts world-class restaurants paired with unique local shops. The Downtown Truckee area offers convenient shopping with divers restaurants. Just 20 minutes away on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City showcases a quaint downtown of shopping and dining accompanied by lakeside views. The South Lake Tahoe area features a multitude of conveniently located lodging option with shopping and dining within walking distance.

3. Take in A Show

Although many places shut down after dark, both north and south Lake Tahoe feature large and small on-stage lineups year-round. Live music every weekend at venues across the lake will keep you entertained well into the midnight hour.

4. Learn the Local History

Stretching across each shoreline and into outer lining towns, Lake Tahoe as we know today has been shaped by both natural and human historical events. First home to the Washoe tribe of American Indians, Lake Tahoe has been a passageway to the gold rush miners, the well-known American Pioneer group The Donner Party, and was famously written about by author Mark Twain. In addition to several 19th and 20th century palatial mansions available for tours today, the Lake Tahoe area offers a wide range of historical museums that cover the diversity of this high alpine lake.

5. Take a Scenic Drive Around the Lake

It's no wonder why Lake Tahoe has been the backdrop to multiple silver screen productions. It's organic, jaw-dropping beauty is recommended to be experienced at all angles. A day trip around the lake by car is a great way to see the area stopping at various "look-outs" and historical points.
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Mountain Biking in Fall can Lead to a Wheelie Good Time - Nov 7, 2014

It's time to gear up for some fall mountain biking before the snow hits. Luckily, the North Lake Tahoe area alone has more than 100 trails to go round and round on. An added bonus, Lake Tahoe in fall presents trails that are still in prime condition and with fewer crowds.

Cycling through the slopes of Lake Tahoe in fall present a plethora of color from the changing leaves of the surrounding aspens. With a front row view to the fall foliage, take your pick from the diverse lineup of trails. The popular North Tahoe Single Track is great for all levels, where the hills are short and moderate while the downhills are mellow and smooth. For the more advanced riders, the well-known Flume Trail is a strenuous ride with rewarding overlooking views of Lake Tahoe. Conversely, choosing the paved path tour of the Truckee River Bike path provides a great family excursion accompanied by scenic river and foliage sites.

Changing gears a bit, mountain biking is a great human powered aerobic activity. Depending on the speed and terrain of your ride, biking can be a great outdoor activity burning anywhere between 10 and 16 calories a minute. Mountain Biking also leads to increased muscle strength and cardiovascular improvements.

If you're not familiar with the local trails, let one of our knowledgeable guides introduce you to Lake Tahoe's Fall Mountain Biking before winter moves in. All gear as well as a delicious lunch is provided through every Tahoe Adventure Company Mountain Bike Tour. Visit our site or give us a call to learn more about how you can escape reality with a guided bike tour through Tahoe's beautiful fall foliage before the snow falls.
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Explore the Fall Foliage Around Lake Tahoe - Oct 31, 2014

Fall is here and Lake Tahoe is exploding with color from the surrounding aspens. The array of hues against the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe and the towering evergreens offer a sight like no other. Taking a drive around the lake offers a great views, but opting for a hike or bike ride delivers a full immersion into the colorful fall foliage around Lake Tahoe.

The Lake Tahoe area delivers diversity in its marked biking trails, many ideal for enjoying the fall foliage. The Truckee River Bike Path extends from Tahoe City through Squaw Valley, snaking along the scenic Truckee River. The paved bike path is perfect for a leisurely bike ride for all ages with exquisite views of the changing aspen leaves.

Kicking it up a notch, the North Tahoe Single Track offers classic views as you peddle through a large network of mellow, rolling dirt roads. The trail takes you deep into aspen groves presenting punches of golden yellows with a feeling of seclusion.

For those advanced riders, there's no replacing the scenery from above at 7,500 ft on the Lake Tahoe Flume Trail. With beautiful aerial overlooks of Lake Tahoe, the panoramic sights from the top of intermixing fall foliage with evergreens deliver a rewarding prize for this strenuous mountain bike tour.

For those opting to take in the Lake Tahoe fall foliage by foot, a hiking trail is never too far from where you are staying. Spooner Lake located on the east shore is great for escaping into the woods surrounded by year-round scenic sights that are only heighted with beauty by the changing fall colors of the surrounding aspens. Alternatively, hiking Shirley Lake near Squaw Valley will take you on a journey over granite boulders offset by sparks of the fall leaves scattered throughout.

As Lake Tahoe plays host to scenic views and seemingly endless ways of enjoying them, Tahoe Adventure Company takes prides in offering human-powered adventures that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Visit us online or give us a call to learn how you can enjoy Lake Tahoe's fall by taking a tour with us.
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Fall is a Great Time to Experience Lake Tahoe - Sep 29, 2014

While Lake Tahoe is known for its summer and winter adventures, the fall is the area's secret season. The crowds have dispersed and the trails have calmed, but the breathtaking views of the area have remained the same.

Fall Kayaking
The waters may be a bit brisk and the air a bit crisp, but bundle up and the adventure of fall Kayaking on Lake Tahoe can be quite rewarding. The shores offer pops of fall colored foliage while the waters are calmer with less boat traffic.

Mountain Biking
Lake Tahoe boasts some of the most picturesque biking trails with options for all skill levels. The scenic Flume Trail is great for advanced riders looking to be challenged while single tracks on the North Shore offer an escape into the woods adorned with the blazing fall foliage. For those novice riders looking for a biking tour of the Lake Tahoe area, the Truckee River Bike Path is a also a great alternative, snaking along the river lined with the changing leaves of surrounding aspens.

If you opt to experience the area by foot, many Lake Tahoe hiking trails feature a whole new take on the iconic views. Gorgeous evergreens and pops of fiery aspens lining the tails showcase new scenic sights. No matter where you are staying in the Tahoe area, a hiking trail is never too far away. Not to mention, the area doesn't just offer a variety of trails, but a variety of sights as well ranging from alpine and panoramic Lake Tahoe views, as well as lush aspen groves giving a sense of seclusion.

Ready to experience Lake Tahoe in fall? Give us a call or visit our site to see the many available adventures in the area.
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Truckee River Legacy Trail Phase 3B - Aug 6, 2014

In 2012, the Town of Truckee took charge to update the Truckee Trails and Bikeways Master Plan and is now moving closer to the completion of the Truckee River Legacy Trail. The master plan provided guidelines to developing over 130 miles of trails and bikeways within the Town. When completed, the Truckee River Legacy Trail will connect Donner Memorial State Park to the Glenshire neighborhood with the majority of the path running parallel to the scenic Truckee River.

August 8 marks the celebration of the completed paved bike path, phase 3B. Picking up where the previous phase 3A left off, phase 3B will connect the Riverview Sports Park to the Glenshire subdivision. To celebrate the finalizing of this phase, the Town of Truckee will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration on August 8 at 4pm. The celebration will involve bike riding, bike decorating contests, booths and loads of community fun.

Naturally, Tahoe Adventure Company could not be more excited about the completion of the Truckee River Legacy Trial paved bike path. For more information on the celebrations and master plan, visit the Town of Truckee site.

Thunderbird Lodge Yacht in Need of Repairs - How You Can Help - Jun 30, 2014

The wooden "Thunderbird" yacht is currently being held captive within its granite garage at the historic Thunderbird lodge.

Low water levels on Lake Tahoe and a damaged engine have put the glamorous speedboat out of commission until the 2015 summer season. To get the beauty back out on the water, the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society will be need to raise $250,000 to repair the twin Allison aircraft engines.

Custom built in 1939 for the real estate mogul George Whittell Jr., the "Thunderbird" boasts two 1,100 horse power Allison engines — a type of engine used in WWII fighter planes — under its Honduran mahogany and stainless steel paneling. On the "Thunderbirds" final cruise of summer 2013, the engines started to make unusual noises which then resulted in scored cylinder walls, pitted crankshaft bearings and fragmented piston rings.

The Preservation Society fortunately has two spare Allison engines in storage but will need to be completely disassembled, inspected, and rebuilt before they can be reconfigured and installed into the gleaming boat. The total cost of this endeavor along with paying for the repairs for the damaged engines will total around $250,000. Two generous donations totaling $75,000 have put the repair underway as the Preservation Society hopes to have the yacht back on the water by 2015, when it turns 75.

Our Thunderbird Lodge Kayak Tour running every Tuesday throughout the summer is a great way to help support the Lodge and raise funding. This adventure includes a brief paddle to the Lodge from beautiful Sand Harbor leading into an hour walking tour of the Whittell Estate, before having lunch on the beach and paddling back to Sand Harbor. A $39 donation will be made to the Preservation Society from our Thunderbird Lodge Kayak Tour whish will help support the repairs of the classic "Thunderbird" yacht.

Click here to help make a donation directly to the Lodge, to help get the Thunderbird yacht back out on the waters.
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The Basics of Mountain Biking - Jun 22, 2014

One of the most exciting on-land adventures Tahoe has to offer are the many diverse mountain biking trails. Plan your next family outing with biking tours ranging the scenic Truckee River bike path, to the single track biking trails with views of Lake Tahoe. When getting out there, here are a few tips to remember before hitting the trails and even the brakes.

One of the most important things to mountain biking is staying relaxed as it is very easy to lock up your elbows and white knuckle it down the trail. The adventure will be far more enjoyable and your body will be more forgiving afterword if you can remember to stay loose and bend your elbows and knees.

Going Up Hill
Notes to remember when peddling up hill is to shift into a lower gear, stay seated to avoid sliding out, lean forward to help weight the front end, and keep peddling as the slower you go through certain sections, the harder you will work.

Going Down Hill
When cycling downhill remember to shift up into a higher gear, stay loose, rise above the seat and keep pedals parallel to the ground with your front foot slightly higher.

Stay Focused
Remaining focused is key while keeping an eye out for rocks, holes, bumps, sticks and any other such obstacles. Additionally, steer with your body and allow your shoulders to guide you through the trail.

With these tips, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the ride. Literally. For more information on available mountain biking trails and tours visit our site or give us a call. All tours will be led by our knowledgeable team of guides and can be customized to fit all levels of bikers.
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Tahoe Truckee Mountain Biking is ON - Apr 24, 2014

Well, after another mild winter, many trails in the Tahoe Truckee area are clear and mountain biking season is in full swing. Many a local can be seen with a Stand Up Paddleboard, Mountain Bike AND a pair of skis or board on their roof! Spring is a special time in Tahoe and Truckee with 2 and 3 sport days very doable and common. Many of our guests are taking advantage and booking Multisport Adventures with us. Kayak or SUP in the morning and enjoy a guided mountain bike tour or hiking trip in the afternoon. With some moisture arriving this weekend, it looks like one more powder day (at least) may be in our future followed by some great mountain biking conditions after the dirt soaks it up.

If you are not familiar with local trails or are new to mountain biking, one of our knowledgeable guides will be happy to introduce you to the area, provide the gear, and even your lunch! Check out our Guided Mountain Biking and Multisport Adventure offerings here

Feel free to call us too at 530-913-9212.

6 Key Items for Winter Adventure in Tahoe - Nov 26, 2013

1. Quick drying layers: "Long Underwear" pants and two or more tops, depending on the weather and time of day. There are a myriad of quick drying fabric blends out there, both natural and synthetic, but they can be broadly identified by the keywords "wicking" and "fast-drying." These fabrics will keep you warm and dry, where your cotton t-shirt absorbs sweat and can leave you in an uncomfortable and possibly dangerous situation as it hinders your body's ability to retain heat.

2. Waterproof outer layers: Especially if the forecast is calling for precipitation, quality waterproof jacket and pants are a godsend. When it comes to waterproof materials, many brands claim it, but few stand up to the true test (Sun-wet Sierra Nevada snow will separate the best from the rest). Although it usually requires a healthy investment, Gore-Tex not only keeps you completely dry but also breathes out moisture created by your body. A shell layer combined with quick dry base layer(s) will do perfectly for rigorous day time activity. Go for an insulated version if you are prone to chill or aren't planning on working up a sweat.

3. Sun protection. Statistics vary but there is no arguing that the sun shines in Tahoe, a LOT. At high elevation, with surrounding snow serving as a skin-searing mirror, sunscreen is a must. Lip balm with sunscreen is crucial as well.

4. Refillable water bottle or a camelback.

5. High energy snacks: Even if you are planning a short snowshoe jaunt, be prepared with pack-friendly snacks like nuts, fruit or the dutiful Clif Bar. Winter activities can be surprisingly taxing because of the extra resistance that snow creates, so bringing along a simple refuel can really save the day.

6. Sturdy waterproof boots: Even if your favorite activity calls for different footwear, getting from here to there in snowy conditions is best done with a good pair of boots. The higher the cuff, the more protection you will get from powdery snow getting into your socks. Insulated boots will keep feet warm even when the car hasn't warmed up yet, and sturdy soles and tread will help maintain a safe footing. If you are planning on doing any snowshoeing, opt for a boot with a grippy shelf-like protrusion at the heel to keep the heel strap from slipping off.
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Tips for Winter Travel in Lake Tahoe - Nov 13, 2013

Lake Tahoe is an incredible Winter destination for good reason: The region boasts gorgeous landscapes, a bevy of incredible ski resorts, and towns and activities to suit all tastes. Whether you are a holiday visitor or a weekend warrior you'll want to relish every minute of your time here this winter. Here's how:

• Plan ahead. There is much more to a Tahoe visit than the roof over your head! Make reservations at a great local restaurant, get tickets to a concert or book an activity ahead of time. You'll have some great highlights to look forward to and the legwork will be done by the time you head out. Check out the North Shore Events Calendar for great ideas.

• Drive Safely. Check in with the California Department of Transportation ahead of time for road conditions and chain controls. They have a website, app and phone line. Depending on weather conditions, Tahoe roads can be slippery, slow and at times, impassable. Be sure your vehicle is prepared for the journey with necessary items like tire chains, scraper, shovel, flashlight, and a full tank of gas. Purchase and learn the use of tire chains in advance of your trip to save you time, money and stress on the road. Arriving safely is the most important thing!

• Try a mid-week visit. Reduced rates, peaceful roads and uncrowded recreation will reward those who can get away mid-week. The vibe is still plenty boisterous for those looking for nightlife, with live music and mid-week happy hour deals that draw a fun crowd.

• Don't drink and drive! Tahoe Area Regional Transit offers a free Night Rider bus serving North Lake Tahoe and Truckee. Taxi services are also available.

• Try something new! Get away into the peaceful forest on a Sunset Snowshoe Tour. See a standup comedy show. Plan a special appetizer for your traveling companions. The sky is the limit!
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Why Snowshoeing? - Nov 6, 2013

As we batten down the hatches for the winter season and prepare for another fun season at our favorite Lake Tahoe ski resorts, it's easy to forget about one of wintertime's greatest activities: snowshoeing. Although it is often overshadowed by its high-octane compatriots, snowshoeing is a vastly popular sport, with roughly 5.5 million participants in the U.S., according to Yet a crowd of people is the last thing one finds when out in the woods for a snowshoe excursion, and such is the glory of the sport. Here are the other reasons to love it:

• Snowshoeing is an incredible workout, burning 400-1000 calories an hour. A quick, high intensity jaunt before or after work is a great cure for the winter fitness lull.

• No pricey pass necessary! Find a snow-covered park or golf course or head out on your favorite trail. Be observant of posted signs and private property.

• Equipment is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Shoes and poles can often be purchased as a package. Talk to your retailer about what types of terrain you will be tackling.

• Snowshoeing presents few safety hazards compared to its winter counterparts. Be careful of your footing, prepare properly, and be knowledgeable of avalanche hazards before heading into the backcountry.

• As a low-impact activity that is easy on joints, snowshoeing is truly a lifelong sport.

• Fido can come along!

• Snowshoeing can be great social time with friends and family, or provide welcome solitude during the hectic holiday season.

• Being outdoors provides numerous health and psychological benefits, and is a great way to enjoy your natural surroundings.

• Anyone can do it: if you can walk, you can snowshoe!

Incorporate Lake Tahoe history, knowledgeable instruction and navigation, equipment and a delicious lunch into your snowshoe experience with a professionally guided snowshoe tour. Sunset, Full Moon and Star Gazing Tours offer a unique setting for Lake Tahoe exploration as well as an opportunity to learn more about the skies above.
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18th Annual Truckee River Day - Oct 17, 2013

Living and traveling in the Lake Tahoe region provides an enormous benefit: outdoor recreation. With a diverse, impeccably maintained network of land and water trails, Lake Tahoe invites us to take advantage of its beauty. In our pure enjoyment of these stunning surroundings, however, it is easy to lose sight of the great impact that our feet, boats and bike tires have on these fantastic recreational passageways. Scores of volunteers from organizations such as the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, The League to Save Lake Tahoe, and the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation take on projects every year that make it possible for us to use these great resources. Erosion, invasive species, pollution, human impacts and a host of other issues constantly threaten these outdoor areas that we hold so dear, but with careful attention and dedication we can keep these places open for the enjoyment of the community and its visitors. Although most open-ground maintenance projects are closed for the season, this weekend presents one of the best opportunities to get involved: Truckee River Day. The Truckee River Watershed Council is hosting the event on Sunday, October 20th, and you can register online for a variety of projects. The Donner Lake Boat Ramp Cleanup and Planting is great for people of all ages, or work up a sweat with Martis Wildlife Area Trail Maintenance. Get outdoors with your family and friends, put your body to work and make a positive impact our spectacular environment.
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Lake Tahoe Fall Foliage - Oct 3, 2013

We are entering prime leaf-peeping season! The end of September through the month of October is the best time to enjoy the fall foliage in Lake Tahoe. Golden aspens earn their name this time of year, when their amber leaves make a striking contrast with the rich green of neighboring pine and fir trees. For a scenic drive, take Highway 89 from Truckee to South Lake Tahoe, following the Truckee River Canyon upstream to the lake and continuing south along the stunning West Shore. Pulling over at Emerald Bay is a must, where you can take in the contrast of turquoise water, green conifers, and vibrant foliage. Or, take a trip to Spooner Lake on Nevada's East Shore, where lakeside Aspen groves make a peaceful setting.

Curious about what really causes the leaves to change colors? Blake Engelhardt, botanist with the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, told Lake Tahoe News: "During the summer growing season, the leaves are constantly producing chlorophyll which gives them their green color. In the fall, longer nights trigger the formation of the abscission layer. This is essentially a thickened layer of cells at the base of the leaf where it attaches to the stem that blocks the transport of water and sugar into the leaf. Thin deciduous leaves won't survive the freezing temperatures of winter, so there's no reason to keep feeding them. Once chlorophyll synthesis stops, the green quickly disappears and other more persistent pigments become visible yellows, reds, purples. If the growing season is particularly dry, the abscission layer can form sooner and the leaves may turn color earlier or drop before a very brilliant display." Foliage season is difficult to predict in terms of length, as unexpected frosts cause leaves to drop quickly, so don't wait to get out there to enjoy it! To get a deeper look in the ecology and history of Lake Tahoe, join us for a guided hiking adventure. Hiking is a great way to get outside during these crisp fall days, and of course it maximizes your view of the gorgeous regional landscape!
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Deals on Paddle Gear - Sep 19, 2013

Labor Day has come and gone, the Lake is quiet and Autumn is in the air. Although thoughts may be looking forward to Winter, this is the best time of year for locals to get a great deal on paddle gear. Understanding that a kayak or stand up paddleboard is a significant investment, we are offering great deals on our rental fleet to get lake-lovers out on the water. Give us a call and come check out our used inventory at the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area. We carry Ocean Kayaks, including the stable yet maneuverable Malibu Two, Malibu Two XL, Scrambler 11 and Scrambler XT Angler editions. We have a variety of SUPs available as well, including the BIC Sport Ace Tec 11'6, which is a stable, durable board that all skill levels can enjoy. SUPs range from $600-$700 and kayaks from $100-$550. All kayaks are sold with a back band seat, and paddles are also affordable, ranging from $40-$60. We will be open on weekends at the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area and during the week by appointment. Learn more here.

The Secret Season is Upon Us - Aug 22, 2013

The crazed summer months in Lake Tahoe are slowly calming down, which means it is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the lasting warm weather. After all the back-to-school shopping is over, locals and last minute summer vacationers should kick back and enjoy the good weather that the Secret Season in Lake Tahoe brings us.

Get Out on the Water
Before we know it the lake will get that look about it, you know, the one that gets the teeth chattering even if you are bundled up and inside. Take advantage of the warm end of the summer sun and get out on the lake while it's still nice! Whether it's a stand up paddleboard adventure with the whole family, or a kayak excursion on the glassy lake, make sure you make time for some end of the season exploring on the lake!

With a few more dates for upcoming full moon and star gazing kayak tours, make sure to hop on a galactic adventure while it's still possible!

Star Tours:
There is only one more date for getting out on a kayak and viewing the splendor of a Lake Tahoe night sky from the middle of the lake. Join in on the fun and learn about the glorious sky on Sept 7.

Full Moon:
The full moon shining down on the calm waters of Lake Tahoe might be one of the most spectacular sights, and it is even better on a kayak! With one more summer full moon tour left, don't miss out on this opportunity to see the sky from a different perspective. The last chance to see this spectacular sight is Sept 19.

Explore on Land
From mountain biking to rock climbing, the Secret Season is the perfect time to plan those last minute summer adventures. With winter weather just around the corner, Lake Tahoe visitors and locals should be getting out in the summer sun while it's still around. Try your hand at rock climbing, or explore Lake Tahoe on mountain bike.

With so many outdoor things to do in Lake Tahoe, the Secret Season provides the perfect amount of everything: sunshine, time off, and opportunity for adventure! So grab your kids, your sweetheart, your grandma or your dog and get outside to enjoy the lasting warm weather and quiet end of the summer season in Lake Tahoe!

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Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe Partnership - Aug 20, 2013

The Tahoe Adventure Company has grown immensely since its quaint beginnings ten years ago. Owner, Kevin Hickey went out on a limb ten years ago with a few kayaks and a passion for showing people the beauty and history of Lake Tahoe. Over the years the business has flourished. They now offer a variety of tours on the lake as well as around the Tahoe Basin. The wide array of tours can accommodate folks who are looking for their first outdoor adventure as well as those seasoned veterans to the outdoors. In addition to all the great tours they have a wonderful beachfront rental location at the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area. Here they offer both stand-up paddle board and kayak rentals. This summer they have made another huge stride by fostering a partnership with the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe. It is an honor to partner with a company that has a worldwide reach. If you are planning to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe during your visit you will be able to take advantage of our daily trip offerings as well as a weekly stand-up paddle board demo in the backyard of the property. Check us out at

Astronomy Kayak Tour & Perseid Meteor Shower - Aug 10, 2013

Come join us Monday August 12, 2013 for an amazing evening of kayaking and star gazing during the height of the Perseid meteor shower. Our expert astronomer Tony Berendsen will guide you through the sky. As you kayak along the North shore during sunset keep an eye out for Saturn. It will be near the moon in the evening hours providing a nice prelude to the late night Perseid show. The Perseid meteor shower comes to the Northern Hemisphere when the weather is warm. At the peak of the shower it is common for viewers to see between 50 and 100 meteors an hour. Our clear mountain air and limited light pollution make Lake Tahoe a great destination to view this naturally occurring phenomenon. Ask Tony to show you Perseus the Hero constellation as the shower will mainly radiate through this section of the sky. The meteors are fast and bright leaving persistent trains as they fly through the sky. Don't forget to bring some warm layers and a comfy blanket because temperatures will drop if you choose to stay for the height of show, which will occur during late night and early morning hours. Click here for more information and to book your tour.
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Tips for a Stress-free Trip to Tahoe - Jul 18, 2013

Lake Tahoe is a hot summer spot that promises summer fun for the whole family, but before you throw all your swim suits into your suitcase and hop on a flight to Tahoe, check out these top tips for a lake vacation free of stress, altitude sickness, and sun burns!

Prepare for the High Altitudes
Some spots in Tahoe can reach 10,000 feet, and if your body's not used to it, you could be in for a big unpleasant surprise! High altitudes can cause altitude sickness, which often include symptoms such as nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, and fatigue. To ward off potential uncomfortableness, pack nasal spray, moisturizer, and plenty of water.

Because of those high altitudes, and the fact that you're most likely engaging in physical activity while in Tahoe, focus on staying hydrated. And we mean with water! Be careful if you plan on drinking alcohol in Tahoe because the alcohol can have a stronger effect on those drinking cocktails at high elevations.

Slather on Sunscreen
You should always wear sunscreen to protect your skin, but be especially diligent about it in Lake Tahoe. The lake is situated in the mountains, which can make you more susceptible to the sun, so apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to avoid roasting like a lobster while on your vacation!

Bring Layers
You might need nothing more than a bikini or swimming trunks during the warm summer days in Tahoe, but temperatures certainly drop at night. Pack a jacket or sweater, along with a pair of pants, to keep you warm in the case the evenings turn chilly.

Bring Your GPS
The locals mentally break up Lake Tahoe into several different areas, including the North Shore, Incline Village, and the South Shore. While it's possible to drive around the lake, map out your trip and destinations ahead of time to avoid any backtracking.

Brace Yourself for the Crowds
Lake Tahoe is an undeniably popular tourist destination especially in the summer months, so prepare yourself for the crowds. Book your hotel far in advance to ensure you receive your top pick, and the same goes for tours and restaurant reservations. Secure a spot at these popular locations ahead of time for a stress-free trip.

Check out the Tours
Why risk the chance of getting lost or missing out on a must-see attraction? Book a Tahoe tour with a guide and experience the scenery by air, land, and water! Witness the beauty of Lake Tahoe from up in the air in a helicopter, or take to the waters on kayaks, jet skis, and fishing charters. There's also numerous grounds tours such as hiking and mountain biking, where you can find some of the best sightseeing spots in the area. For multisport tours, book with Tahoe Adventure Company for your choice of exciting "human-powered" activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, and backpacking!
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Tahoe Adventure Company Celebrates its 10th Anniversary! - Jun 24, 2013

Ten years ago, Kevin Hickey started the Tahoe Adventure Company with a few kayaks and years of outdoor guiding experience already under his belt. Over the years, his passion for human-powered adventure has established Tahoe Adventure Company as one of the area's premier tour companies. A strong emphasis on education, including natural and human history, has remained a strong component of each and every tour. Knowledgeable guides, some of whom have been with Tahoe Adventure Company for all ten of its years, provide the type of fun and interest elements that leave guests with a lasting connection to the Tahoe area. A high-quality experience has ruled since Tahoe Adventure Company's inception, from gourmet deli spread lunches on the beach to custom-planned multisport trips. The repertoire, however, has expanded to include such offerings as a tour of legendary Thunderbird Lodge and an Astronomy Kayak tour featuring renowned Astronomer Tony Berendsen. A beach location at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area has provided a launch point for tours as well as a venue for Tahoe Adventure Company's full service rentals of kayaks and stand up paddleboards. Finally, Tahoe Adventure Company's shop in downtown Truckee has what you need to get out on the water, including locally made Lakeshore paddleboards.

Tahoe Adventure Company invites you to celebrate 10 years with us this summer! Keep an eye on our "Anniversary Specials" page for great discounts. Contact us to plan a tour that will enrich your Lake Tahoe experience, whether you are a longtime resident or are visiting just for one day!
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Mountain Biking is Open for the Season - May 3, 2013

Spring has sprung! Due to the early decline in snow cover this winter, most trails are snow-free earlier than usual. Mountain bikers are enjoying this early season, getting bikes tuned up and tackling trail maintenance. Although the majority of trails around Lake Tahoe are clear, snow patches still remain in spots, so be prepared before you head out. Learn what to expect by reading updated trail reports.* Remember, if you come upon a fallen tree or snow patch be sure to stay on the trail in order to maintain the integrity of the trail.

Mountain biking is an incredible way to explore the landscape. Last weekend I was pleased to find the Emigrant trail in great condition with wild shrubs and flowers blooming! As we closed in on the Stampede Reservoir the trail became increasingly narrow with obstructed views-tons of fun to ride but potentially dangerous for two way traffic. We had to stay alert and make sure that others knew we were on the trail, yielding to riders coming up hill.

If you don't have the equipment for a mountain biking adventure or you are looking for a knowledgeable guide to introduce you to the area, check out our Mountain Biking offerings here

Feel free to give us a call, too, at 530-913-9212.

*The Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association (TAMBA) website provides weekly updates on trail conditions: TAMBA
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Fall Mountain Biking and Hiking Tours - Sep 24, 2012

People often ask us about the best time to visit Lake Tahoe. We normally answer that anytime you can get here is the best time! However, if you are able to visit the Truckee Tahoe area in September, you will experience the best season for adventures of all sorts. Kayaking, paddle boarding and other water sport activities are still in full swing. Mountain biking and hiking trails are clear. The fall colors are starting to emerge and you just may have your chosen hike or mountain bike ride to yourself. So, anytime is a great time to visit the Truckee Tahoe area as there are endless activities and things to do, year round. If you are looking for a local to show you around, check out one of our custom guided Mountain Biking, Hiking or Multisport adventure tours and experience the best of Fall in Tahoe!

Please visit for detailed information or call 530-913-9212.

Tahoe Adventure Company and Gar Woods Grill and Pier have teamed up! - Sep 13, 2012

Tahoe Adventure Company and Gar Woods have teamed up for an exciting Kayak and Lake Front Dining experience! Join TAC as we launch from our Tahoe Vista beach location and head to Gar Woods Grill and Pier for a special price-fixed lunch. Enjoy lunch on Gar Woods famous pier with a refreshing beverage before starting your fantastic journey in the sun back to Tahoe Vista. Our kayak tours cover comprehensive paddling instruction, and allow our guests to experience the area from the unique perspective of a kayak. We point out ecology, geology, and natural and human history along the way. Click for detailed information or call 530-913-9212.

Truckee Land Trust Protects Royal Gorge - Sep 2, 2012

The Truckee Land Trust to protect the Royal Gorge! Royal Gorge and its 3,000 acres of magnificent meadows, peaks, forests, streams and lakes are now be in the hands of the Truckee Land Trust who have made the preservation of this land a number one priority. Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing Trails abound in this High Sierra playground.

Please donate to the Truckee Land Trust to assist in the conservation of this property. Thousands of acres of important Sierra habitat and trails for hiking, biking, and winter activities will now be protected!

Truckee Tahoe Mountain Bike Tours - Sep 1, 2012

Tahoe Adventure Company (TAC) offers many custom Mountain Biking tours throughout the Tahoe basin and Truckee. The greater Tahoe area has trails with amazing views and brilliant history for all ages and abilities.

This season, TAC is introducing the Truckee Historical Bike Ride. This ride starts off in downtown Truckee, highlighting the wild west stories of the town. Riding along the Truckee River, bikers will learn about the significance the railroad and river served in the development of Truckee and food transport in America. Remnants of old settlements along the river are still visible. This ride is great for the whole family.

Tahoe Adventure Company plans custom bike trips that showcase Tahoe's beautiful scenery and impressive trails. Whether a beginner or experienced biker, TAC will organize a challenging and exhilarating ride. Their professional and knowledgeable guides offer biking tips as well as discussions about the local natural and human history.

TAC holds extensive permits for various trails throughout the Tahoe basin and Truckee. Trails range from a mellow ride along the river to technical trails for the seasoned rider.

Combine your mountain biking adventure with a morning kayak, hike or an afternoon sail on Lake Tahoe. Multi-sport options are endless and are a great way to see the Tahoe/Truckee area from different perspectives. Tours include all gear, professional guide, natural and human history discussions, permit fees, deli lunch and cold beverages.

Visit Tahoe Adventure Company on Facebook and TWITTER for the latest deals, specials and trip information.

For more information about adventure tours, rentals, and sales, Please visit for detailed information or call 530-913-9212. Tahoe Adventure Company is located at 10200 Donner Pass Road in Truckee.
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Full Moon Kayak with Tahoe Adventure Company - Aug 22, 2012

Tahoe Adventure Company supplies full-moon fun and adventures. Join us every full-moon throughout the summer for a full moon kayak adventure. A perfect way to relax as the day draws to an end. Witness the full-moon rise above the sierras only to cast her spell on the waters of Lake Tahoe. A magical and unforgettable experience. Great for all ages and abilities! Join Tahoe Adventure Company, August 31 for your next full moon adventure! Please view for detailed information.

Paddle Surfing - What's all the Hype? - Jul 23, 2012

Paddle surfing combines the tranquility of paddling, the thrill of surfing and the excitement of sailing into one sport that is taking the industry by storm. It's the ultimate aerobic workout and easy to learn. It's fun for the whole family, and its affordable.

Paddle surfing has long been a part of Hawaiian culture, and its popularity is now spreading around the world. You can paddle anywhere there's water Oceans, lakes, rivers or ponds. Anyone can learn and take it to whatever level they choose. The simple rhythm of the paddle stroke makes it easy to forget the day's stress, and before you know it your strength and endurance have improved a lot.

Learn more about our $55 DISCOVER SUP Tours!

Geotourism in Tahoe Truckee - Jul 17, 2012

Tahoe Adventure Company is proud to partner with the Sierra Business Council and the Geotourism project. Geotourism is defined as tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place - its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage and the well-being of its residents. Geotourism helps travelers to tread lightly and enjoy a locale's sense of place. Tahoe Adventure Company is honored to provide awesome high sierra adventures and activities for all levels and abilities. Our programs are designed for guests and locals to experience all that Tahoe/Truckee has to offer. Soak up the outdoor splendor by land and water.
Tahoe Adventure Company offers a special gift for those who donate to the Geotourism project. Make a donation of $35.00 and above and receive a 2 for 1 Kayak or SUP rental coupon two hours.