High Ropes Courses

Lake Tahoe High Ropes Course Teambuilding Programs

Tour Includes

Any necessary gear including helmets and harnesses, thorough instruction and debriefing by knowledgeable facilitators, series of challenges appropriate for your group’s abilities, and low ropes activities.

Tour Description

The Lake Tahoe area offers the perfect backdrop for your Teambuilding Event. The Tahoe Adventure Company offers a variety of Group and Corporate Teambuilding Programs that utilize both High and Low Rope Courses. Choose from a wide selection of facilitated initiatives designed to foster teamwork, communication and trust among peers and coworkers. Our High Ropes Course programs allow groups to build trust and confidence through a logical progression. Each activity will build upon prior initiatives. Your facilitators will offer a complete debrief following every activity.

Our Group and Corporate Teambuilding Programs are fully customized to each and every client. Please call or email for a custom designed program and quote.