• Experience breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe's deep blue waters and picturesque shoreline, perfect for relaxation and photo opportunities.
  • Relax knowing you can just show up and have your beach day planned and taken care for you.

  • Tailor your beach day to suit your group's preferences with customizable options, such as private tours, team-building activities, and family-friendly adventures.

Tour Description

Enjoy a glorious day on Lake Tahoe complete with games and water activities! Tahoe Adventure Company will organize, facilitate and provide all necessary equipment for a 4 hour Beach Day event. Activities available include Corn Hole, ladder golf, disc golf basket, smash ball, soccer, bocce ball, spike ball, volleyball (venue dependent), kayak and/or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) equipment and lessons (includes a mix of kayak and SUP seats for 20% of the people booked). Our staff are included to facilitate games and lessons, reserve beach, and overall management of event. Optional kayak relay or other races as well as optional guided tours are available. Help build team spirit by adding group building initiatives and challenges.