Our Favorite Facts about Aspens

10/14/2022 |


Aspens are worth appreciating every day, but they're especially fantastic in the fall when they all change colors! There are hundreds of places too see these amazing trees turn vibrant colors every fall. Schedule a hiking tour with Tahoe Adventure Company and we can take you to the best local aspen spots in the Lake Tahoe Basin! Here's some of our favorite aspen fun facts!
1. Aspens are interconnected, with many separate "trees" (actually called "ramets") all being one giant organism (known as a "clone") connected through the root system. They are the largest single organism, by weight and area, on Earth!
2. The best way to tell where one clone ends and the next begins is in the fall--all the leaves of a clone will change at the same time and to the same color, so if you have multiple colors in the same grove, there are multiple clones there!
3. The chalky powder on aspen bark is a natural sunscreen to protect the tree from UV light. If you rub it on your skin, it's about SPF 15!
4. Aspens have photosynthetic bark, so they're still soaking up the sun in the winter when they drop all their leaves! This is why some aspens have a greenish tint to the bark.
5. These amazing trees live to 150 years, and some have even been found as old as 200!

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