Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson
Name: Jenny Thompson - Office Coordinator
Years with TAC: 1st season

Leadership Experience: Starting as a camp counselor at age 16, Jenny has done all kinds of adventure leadership work—outdoors club in college, travel programs in the summers for high schoolers, and even helping run a study abroad program in Patagonia! This past winter she taught hundreds of kids skiing and snowboarding at Palisades, and she is excited to continue with her Tahoe career with Tahoe Adventure Company.

Education: Biology at Pomona College

Favorite Adventure Trip: Either the O-trek in Torres del Paine (Chile) or any of the several cross-country road trips between NC and CA!

Favorite Sport: Snowboarding

Other than guiding: Art, hiking, snowboarding, riding bikes, yoga, climbing, hanging with friends, etc! Her perfect day consists of good outdoor adventures, good people, good beer, and sunshine. Any combination of those is a PERFECT day!