• Watch the moonrise over the largest alpine lake in North America.
  • See the sky set on fire as the sun sets over the high sierra.
  • Find a moment of peace, gazing at the reflection of the full moon in the lake.
  • See who spies the first star to come out and learn about the constellations.

Tour Description

Float in a kayak on the clear blue water while the sun sets the sky on fire, the full moon rises, and the stars twinkle! The water will be calm and quiet as the wind dies down and other boats button up for the night. Increase your knowledge of astronomy with jaw dropping views of Lake Tahoe illuminated by the light of the full moon. We paddle for about two hours before landing on the beach to cap it all off with hot drinks, snacks, and more stargazing on the beach.

When the moon isn't Full, Sunset paddles are still offered.