• Open up a world of adventure and exploration, discover new trails, breathtaking vistas, and remote wilderness areas.
  • Enhance your self-sufficiency by learning essential survival skills, navigation techniques, campsite setup, and resource management.
  • Enjoy physical exercise and mental rejuvenation. The combination of hiking, fresh air, and natural beauty contributes to improved physical fitness and reduced stress levels.
  • Embark on a transformative experience that offers personal growth, memorable experiences, and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Tour Description

This backpacking trip is oriented to those that have never backpacked before but are interested in gaining experience in the outdoors and learning how to plan and prepare for backpacking trips in the future. Beginning at the trailhead at the side of historic Old Highway 40, this trip follows the Pacific Crest Trail for about 2.6 miles to Azalea Lake, where we’ll learn camp craft and the basics of cooking and preparing delicious backpacking meals. On day two, we’ll discuss the basics of orienteering with a map and compass before hiking out the way we came in.