Full Moon Snowshoeing Featured in Local Press

Snowshoeing: More than just a trek through the snow
by LJ Bottjer

Full moons have been reported in fact and fiction to make people dance under them and werewolves sprout hair. During the current lunar phase this Friday and Saturday night, Tahoe Adventure Company invites all to don a pair of snowshoes. Then atop a winter wonderland where moon rays cause the snow to glint and gleam, participants can tramp across the frozen paradise.

On the Friday, Jan. 29, the nocturnal expedition leaves at 5 p.m. from the North Tahoe Regional Park located one mile north of Tahoe Vista. The Saturday, Jan. 30 night journey in the Donner Lake locale also includes a dinner at the Cedar House in Truckee.
Each tour, like the tours offered during the day throughout the winter months, offers more than just a trek through the snow.

Knowledgeable guides highly versed in the history and naturalist aspects of the region lead the tours. Often stories of long-ago Washoe Native Americans can be mixed with talks on the vast array of pine and fir tree forests surrounding the Lake. Astronomy, the study of all things celestial, will be a special highlight during the full moon tours. Mars, the red planet, is scheduled to make it's closest 2010 approach to Earth on Friday, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Whether gazing skyward or looking in other directions, snow shoeing is an activity the entire family can enjoy, notes Tahoe Adventure's Kevin Hickey.
"If one can walk, one can snowshoe," he said.
He urges all participants be at least 10 years old. Following the initial meet-up, everyone will be outfitted with equipment and the basics of the sport will be covered.

Hot, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be available during the tour that ends at 9 p.m. The food and drink is included in the $70 tour price.

Future tours will occur in February and March.
A sense of wonder is guaranteed to all who trek the Tahoe high country under the gaze of a full moon.

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