Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe's Mountains

Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe's Mountains
Experience the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Wander through tall evergreens, learn about Tahoe's unique ecology, and venture to peaks that reveal breathtaking vistas on all sides.

We will meet your group, preview the day's plan, and head up to one of our local trail-heads. Time will be spent fitting and discussing gear and covering a comprehensive lesson. Natural and human history is a main focus of our trek. Knowledgeable guides will offer discussions on native plants and animals, geology and local culture. Discover the finer points of winter ecology and other unique conditions of the Tahoe Truckee area. We will also stop along the way to take in the beautiful views. Our guided Snowshoe Tours are popular with all levels of nature enthusiasts.

Tour includes: Knowledgeable guide, snowshoes, trekking poles, natural and human history, permit fees, and trail snacks.

If you are traveling by yourself, please email or call 530-913-9212 to see if there is a group you can join.

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Typical Distance and Time: 2-5 miles. 10am-2pm.
Level of Difficulty: Easy - Moderate.
Location: Based on level and conditions.
Cost: $80 per person, 2 person minimum.

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