Winter Adventures

Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe's Mountains
Hours: 10am-1pm
Distance: 2-5 miles
Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
Location: Based on your lodging location and snow pack
Minimum Guests: 2
Price: $99
Sunset Snowshoe Tours
Hours: Based on Sunset Time
Distance: 2-4 miles.
Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
Location: Based on snowpack and conditions
Minimum Guests: 4
Price: $90
Full Moon Snowshoe Tours
Hours: Varies
Distance: 2-3 miles
Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
Location: North Lake Tahoe/Truckee. Based on conditions
Minimum Guests: 1
Price: $90
Winter Team Building
Hours: 4 hours
Distance: Customizable
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Duration: 4 hours
Location: Customizable
Minimum Guests: 12
Snowshoe Gear Delivery
Hours: Customizable
Location: Castle Peak, Donner Lake, Tahoe Vista
Minimum Guests: 6
Price: $45 for snowshoes and poles
Snowshoe Star Tours
Hours: Special dates and times
Distance: 1-3 miles
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Location: North Lake Tahoe, based on conditions
Price: $120