Name: Ben Rice
Years with TAC: 2

Leadership Experience: Ben spent many years in consulting before coming to his senses and making the full transition to the outdoors. Since then he has been certified as a PSIA ski instructor, WFR, CPR, and Avalanche Level 1.

Education: Bachelors and Masters in Business at the University of Texas at Austin

Favorite Adventure Trip: Multi week horseback riding through the central Asian steppe

Favorite TAC Trip: Snowshoe Full Moon Tour at Castle Peak

Favorite Sport: Any version of sliding on snow

Other than guiding: When he’s not guiding Ben is usually camping, skiing, climbing, playing the ukulele, or practicing his bocce skills. When not in Tahoe he loves traveling abroad, visiting friends around the country, or slowly making his way to every national park. Otherwise he’s probably reading five different books he won’t finish or is lost in the woods.